From the Anthracite Region
Our Commitment to You


The Centralia Coal Sales Company is headquartered in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, in the heart of a seven county region of Northeastern Pennsylvania where approximately 98 percent of all the recoverable Anthracite coal in the United States is found.

Within a 50 mile radius of our offices lie reserves estimated to be almost 15 billion recoverable tons. That's enough to furnish all our country's Anthracite needs for 400 years.




Our location in the heart of Anthracite country means close communications with producers and transportation facilities needed to get the coal to the users. We've become the industry leader and the largest marketing representative of Anthracite because of our commitment to our trading partners -- users and producers -- and because of our belief that Anthracite is one of America's most valuable natural resources.

We represent only the best independent Anthracite producers; companies that offer consistent quality, continuous availability and competitive prices. Through our own quality assurance program, we can guarantee the compliance with your specifications and requirements.