In addition to sales and marketing expertise, Centralia performs the vital role of quality monitor to insure that customers receive the best product available.

Our representatives are in theAnthracite fields working with producers to insure that quality standards are observed. Back in our Quality Control Laboratory, samples are tested against industry benchmarks and customer specifications to insure performance.

Quality assurance serves both producers and consumers. It is a service that Centralia Coal Sales Company performs and is central to our role as market-maker and market-leader in the Anthracite industry.

Your Anthracite Partner

Consumers of Anthracite turn to Centralia Coal Sales Company for our expertise with a product that is recognized as unique for its outstanding properties. We work directly with users of carbon products to ascertain their specifications and to recommend the Anthracite grade and size that will fit their needs. Armed with the customer's requirements, we can match the production capabilities of the leading producers and insure that production deadlines are met, quality is consistent throughout the production run, and transportation costs and delays are minimized.

The extraction of any natural resource is costly, difficult, dangerous and historically subject to interruptions and price fluctuations. As your trading partner in the Anthracite industry, we represent your interests, smoothing the way to a reliable supply and minimizing your risk.